Products We Love


TEN TREE Environmentally sustainable clothing company committed to reforestation of our Earth. Ten Tree has partnered with local not-for-profit groups to ensure that for every item purchased, at least 10 trees are planted in deforested locations across the planet, such as Madagascar, Canada, and Ethiopia.

PATAGONIA Socially and environmentally sound clothing company committed to reducing the effects of its production through earth regeneration and social projects, and by donating 1% of all profits to grassroots environmental groups around the world.

LITTLE SUN Solar-powered portable lights and chargers helping light off-grid communities by making an identical product available for purchase at a locally adjusted price for each product purchased in an area with electricity.


MPOWERD Luci is an inflatable waterproof solar lamp that, like Little Sun, makes lighting available to areas without electricity. This company also has a gift-through option where you can buy a light for someone in need, delivered through international NGOs such as International Medical Corps and Kids of Kathmandu.

LSTN Sustainably sourced wood headphones and speakers donating a portion of profits from each product sold to the Starkey Hearing foundation, which provides hearing aids to people in need.

LSTN Headphones

SHANKARA Luxurious Ayurvedic skincare products using cruelty-free, plantbased organic ingredients. 100% of all net profits go to humanitarian projects through the International Association for Human Values.

AUROMÈRE Sustainable Ayurvedic skin-care, incense, and lifestyle products using ingredients from India. 10% of all profits support the international Auroville eco-community in South India, and 25% of all incense profits support an integral education school.

LUSH Fun and funky cosmetics and skin-care products made in Canada using 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free ingredients. The Charity Pot is Lush’s lotion line, with 100% of the purchase price (everything!) supporting grassroots charities, and 2.5% of FUN bath soap sales helping build children’s play areas in Fukushima, Japan.