Gifting from the Heart


There is a lovely Nigerian saying that goes like this: “It is the heart that does the giving; the fingers only let go.”

But the pressure of holiday gifting has us, time and again, expressing too much with just our fingers. We feel compelled to rush from one buying and gifting experience to another, instead of taking the time to feel and to express our love with intention.

This season, let’s resolve to do things differently. And thankfully, this is getting easier to do.

There is a movement happening to be more sustainable and resourceful with our daily actions and consumptions—and now, to bring to the holidays gifts that are good for the planet and all her people.

For the people who have everything (and really, so many of us have more than we need), consider gifting to a charitable organization aligned with the values of your loved ones, in their names. There are many online resources to help you find appropriate options, such as and, or consider funding specific humanitarian projects via organizations like

If you’d prefer to gift tangible presents, keep social and environmental sustainability in mind. Support artisans and cooperatives and look for companies that participate in the growing web of charitable projects so that your gifts spread farther than just under the tree. —ROBIN STREMLOW

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